International Collaboration

In accordance to our Vision for 2020, we are working towards becoming a globally recognized, high quality university.


International Experience / International Collaboration

Our Alliances

As part of our internationalization initiatives, we seek to constantly collaborate with other universities around the world.

Partner institutions

Collaborating with our partners around the world

Global collaboration is one of our strongest suits. We continuously develop and consolidate strategic alliances with higher education institutions and organizations that promote high quality education, enriching academic experience, driving research and linking our region to innovation hubs.


Global Education Alliances


International Programs

With the support of our partner institutions, our students can take part in a wide array of mobility programs in 6 continents. 

Institutional Quality

CETYS meets the quality standards set by national and international accrediting bodies


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Contact Us

Scott A. Venezia Corral

Dean for International Affairs

+52 (646) 222-2300 Ext. 131

Gabriela Rivera

Associate Dean for International Affairs

+52 (686) 567-3700 Ext. 1117

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