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Graduate programs with Industry

This scholarship is geared for students coming from industries to have access to financial aid for their graduate studies’ tuition, as long as this is within the CETYS-INDUSTRY agreement for collaboration and aligned to the CONACYT standards where graduate programs thrive and are propelled via research and technological development.


At CETYS we are committed as a higher education institution to establish all policies for the programs operation at the Graduate School via:

  • Identifying trends, needs for technology and innovation for curricular content as well as research projects for industry or case studies
  • Nomination of candidates for the Graduate Program
  • Follow-up and personalized service of the candidates to assure the completion and success of their studies
  • Participation on the Professors Council or the Tutorial Committee
  • Contribute to the financing of the graduate program
  • Meet and promote the Graduate program

National Scholarship in Cooperation with the Industry – 2019 Call

Period: November 2018 – March 2019 
For quarter: April – June, 2019 (Q2)

Period: May 2019 – September 2019
For quarter: October – December (Q4)


Agreement Signing

Signing of the agreement between CETYS and industry for the program PNPC Industry.



Internal selection of candidates to integrate to the graduate program.



Admission and Enrollment

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