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About CETYS / CETYS Experience

A Comprehensive Education

Your cultural, athletic and social development is of the utmost importance to us. We want your experience at CETYS to render memories for a lifetime. Here you will find a wide catalog of activities designed for our student community to help you fulfill your social and talent potential.

Our Educational Model

CETYS Educational Model is student-centered, with curricular and co-curricular elements adapted to fit today’s professional requirements and those of the future.

Innovative Elements:
  • New academic programs
  • Distinctive Elements of CETYS Education embedded in the curriculum
  • Specialty and concentration areas in each program
  • Online and Bilingual programs
  • International focus
  • Liberty
  • Justice
  • Truth
  • Beauty
  • Good
  • Spirituality

At CETYS we teach with the following 4 pedagogical principles:





Distinctive Elements

Throughout our programs, we promote this elements to enhance your preparation and studied on part to international and national levels.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Entrepreneurship culture is rooted in our DNA.
We develop your entrepreneurial spirit! At CETYS you may develop projects, create companies and receive mentorship. Our Business Incubators, located in each of our campuses, are accredited by the National Economic Bureau.


Our alliances throughout the world provide opportunities for international experiences inside and outside the classroom, through innovative mobility programs and initiatives, distinguished visiting professors and many other activities to broaden your global perspective.


We are proud of our outreach and partnerships with many of the most relevant organizations in the region. Private or public, there are many initiatives available for you to facilitate your transition to the professional world and built a strong network of contacts.

Social Responsibility

We contribute active and voluntarily to the improvement of our society and our communities, focusing on the preparation of individuals with integrity and highly committed to making a difference. Learn to use your competencies and skills to foster, create and become an agent for change.

Information Literacy

Hand in hand with information technologies, we foster and promote our student’s knowledge to search, disseminate, debate, research and use to advance their critical thinking and enhance their criteria.


We foster respect and commitment towards the environment. Optimizing resources, our campuses continue their forward-thinking structure designing optimal facilities for your development.

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