Industrial Engineers are professionals whose main task is to contribute to the competitive improvement of the process networks for goods and services in a globalized world.

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Available in Mexicali, Tijuana and Ensenada

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Industrial Engineering
Industrial Engineering

Learning Outcomes

  • You will be capable of optimizing the manufacturing processes, operations management, supply chain management, quality engineering, and production systems simulation of a production plant.
  • You will be able to supply chain management, quality engineering, and production systems simulation of a production plant.

General Requirements

  • Interest in studying the physical and mathematical sciences.
  • A liking for working with integrated machine systems.
  • Interest in process design and optimization.
  • Analytic and synthetic skills.
  • Problem solving skills.
Industrial Engineering

Career Paths

  • Process Engineer.
  • Quality Manager.
  • Staff Director.
  • Logistics Manager.
  • Manufacturing Manager.


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  • Information Management
  • Mathematical Foundations for Engineering
  • Programming Methods
  • Introduction to Industrial Engineering
  • Industrial Chemistry


  • Oral and Written Communication in Spanish
  • Engineering Drawing
  • Differential Calculus
  • Data Organization and Analysis
  • Statics


  • Globalization, Culture and Society
  • Numerical Methods
  • Integral Calculus
  • Engineering Materials
  • Dynamics


  • Contemporary Art and Culture
  • Differential Equations
  • Electricity and Magnetism
  • Materials Manufacturing
  • Probability
  • Methods Engineering


  • Oral and Written Communication in English
  • Statistical Inference
  • Lean Manufacturing and Quality Management Systems
  • Industrial Electronics
  • Multivariable Calculus
  • Methodology of Research


  • Human Being and Society
  • Industrial Management
  • Operations Research Models I
  • Quality Engineering
  • Production Systems Engineering I
  • Elective


  • Human Being and Sustainability
  • Production Systems Engineering II
  • Operations Research Models II
  • Experimental Design
  • Industrial Engineering Topics
  • Elective II


  • Human Being and Ethics
  • Economic Engineering
  • Systems Simulation
  • Industrial Engineering Application Project
  • Project Management
  • Elective III
* Course available online
See the previous curriculum here (In spanish)
RVOE SEBS, mayo 2015: No.BC-027-M1/15, No.BC-043-M2/15, No.BC-059-M3/15.

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“To contribute to the comprehensive development of the region and the country, through the preparation of students of high potential using a student-centered educational model towards the development of leaders in industrial engineering, capable of utilizing resources for production systems efficiently and rationally, to ultimately produce services and resources of the highest quality.”


“To become leaders in the development of high quality professionals integrated in a production system through an efficient and innovative academic program. Our teaching-learning process always at the forefront to assist the needs of regional and national industries towards sustainable development”.

Program Educational Objectives

Focused in the preparation of students that after 5 years upon graduation:

  • Are established professionals in industry, consulting or services, using Industrial Engineering skills proficiently
  • Professional leadership to prevent and solve problems
  • Demonstrate ability and commitment towards continuous learning and development in Industrial Engineering related sectors
  • Show the necessary skills to perform successfully in multi-disciplinary teams
  • Develop, implement and improve systems making use of critical thinking to improve efficiency in industry and organizations
  • Make engineering decision based on ethic and moral values

Student Outcomes

Student Outcomes refer to the attitudes, skills and knowledge expected in every student upon graduation from one of our programs.

Students graduating from our Industrial Engineering program shall have the following student outcomes:

  • Skills to apply math, science and engineering knowledge and expertise
  • Skills to design and conduct experiments, as well as analyzing and the interpretation of data
  • Skills to design a system, component or process capable of solving problems considering restrictions (real) such as: economic, environmental, social, political, ethical, health and safety, feasibility and sustainability.
  • Skills to work on multidisciplinary teams
  • Skills to identify, formulate and solve engineering issues
  • Comprehension of ethical and professional accountability
  • Skills for effective communication
  • Understanding of the impact of engineering solutions in a social, environmental, economic and global context
  • Commitment to continuous learning and improvement
  • Knowledge of contemporary topics and subjects
  • Proficiency in using techniques, skills and tools of modern engineering in practice

Students and Alumni -Mexicali Campus-

According to section II.A.6.b of ABET’s handbook, each program accredited by ABET must make public all data pertaining to student enrollment and graduation rates annually. These are presented in the following table:




Enrolled students



Our Industrial Engineering program in CETYS Mexicali Campus currently holds ABET accreditation.

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