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Academic Programs / Graduate / Master of Business Administration

Master of Business Administration

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop and direct projects that include continuous improvement and innovation within an organization.
  • Have the ability to successfully develop a business project.
  • Have a solid formation in the fields of Strategic Administration, Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing and Economics.
  • Apply knowledge, leadership and management skills to your endeavors.
  • They are committed to their environment and are an agent of positive change.

General Requirements

  • Skills in the analysis, synthesis, and use of theoretical and methodological references in the field of administration.
  • Ability to work collaboratively.
  • Preferably, experience of at least three years in the concentration area of your choosing.
  • Proficiency in English (oral and written information).
Master of Business Administration
Faculty MBA


Our professors have a high academic level and always provide personalized attention.

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The program is composed of 16 courses divided in 4 Axes in which each course has 6 academic credits. The courses will have face to face classes and independent activities guided by the instructor.






Concentration Areas


  • Entrepreneurship
  • Ethics
  • Statistics


  • Financial Administration
  • Administrative Accounting
  • Economy
  • Leadership and Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Supply chain management


*Four subjects from the same area must be chosen


  • Fiscal and Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship
  • Development of Entrepreneurship
  • Business Plans and Model Design
  • Business Escalation and Acceleration
  • Enterprise Financing
  • Entrepreneurial Opportunities, Innovation and Design Thinking
  • Design and Innovation Thinking
  • Contemporary Topics of Entrepreneurship
  • Select Entrepreneurship Topics
  • Enterprise Sales and Marketing


  • Projects Management
  • Strategic Administration
  • International Strategic Administration
  • Transcultural Administration
  • Executive Management
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Corporate Law
  • Business Rights
  • Transnational Direction and Corporate Strategy
  • Family Business
  • Leadership and Sustainable Development
  • Business Plan and Model Design
  • Contemporary Topics of Executive Administration
  • Select Executive Administration Topics


  • Risk Management
  • Working Capital Management
  • International Accounting
  • Corporate Finances
  • International Finances
  • Formulation and Evaluation of Projects
  • Financial Engineering
  • Business Tax Framework
  • Money and Capital Markets
  • Contemporary Finance Topics
  • Select Finance Topics
  • Theory and Financial Analysis


  • Consumer Behavior
  • Corporate Communication
  • Design and Innovation of Products and Services
  • Innovation with Digital Business
  • Price Strategies
  • Sales Promotion Strategies
  • Market Research
  • Global Marketing
  • Political Marketing
  • Social Marketing
  • Agribusiness Marketing
  • Services Marketing
  • Advertising and Communication in Marketing
  • Advertising and Sales Promotion
  • Advanced Sales Systems
  • Contemporary Marketing Topics
  • Select Marketing Topics


  • Training and Development
  • Labor Competences
  • Organizational Development
  • Labor Quality and Productivity
  • Organizational Psychology
  • Psychology of Mexican Society
  • Labor Relations
  • Salaries and Compensations
  • Contemporary Human Resources Topics
  • Select Human Resources Topics


  • Operations Management
  • Shop Floor Control
  • Operations Direction
  • Manufacturing Strategies
  • Operational Excellence
  • International Logistics
  • Distribution Logistics
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Quality Systems and Standards
  • Contemporary topics of Operations and Supply Chain
  • Select topics of Operations and Supply Chain

*FOR ELECTIVES: Select two subjects from any of the program’s concentrations or subjects of other Master’s programs offered.


-Competitive Strategy with Social Responsibility

-Integrated Project

*Concentrations subject to demand
* The offer and modality of the subjects varies quarterly
RVOE SEBS, mayo 2015: No. BC-034-M1/15, No.BC-050-M2/15, No.BC-066-M3/15

Student Success

Financial Aid

CETYS is accessible to all who wish to study.
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8 out of every 10 students at CETYS have some form of financial aid.

  • CONACYT Scholarship
  • Private Organizations
  • CETYS Alumni Tuition Discount

CONACYT Scholarship

Covers total or partial payment of the program.

Private Organizations

20% of tuition for private companies.

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CETYS Alumni Tuition Discount

If you, or your parents graduated from each of our degree programs from any campus, a 10% automatic tuition discount is applied.

FAFSA Financial Aid

U.S. Federal Financial Aid that may be requested upon enrollment to CETYS for all U.S. Citizens or residents.
Available for new students and returning students.

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Master of Business Administration


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