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The Doctorate in Education program is CETYS University’s contribution to the improvement of society by preparing the next generation of leaders who are theoretically and methodologically competent to generate knowledge through the design, application, guidance, and evaluation of research and educational outreach projects.

Registration for the Class of 2022 is now open

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Doctorate in Education
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A program of the highest academic quality endorsed by national and international organizations.


Official validity record, Ministry of Education: REVOE-BC-051-M2 / 15

 Admission profile

The applicant should meet the following characteristics:

  • Previous knowledge of Education.
  • Sufficient competencies in a particular area of knowledge of the educational field, demonstrated when developing a research project.
  •  Competence to search, find, discriminate, and use print and electronic media, leveraging the skills to extract information from databases.
  •  Openness to interact in multicultural environments.
  • Skills to work in teams, both face-to-face and online.
  • Skills for handling IT tools at an advanced level.
  • Ability to analyze, synthesize, interpret, and evaluate information.
  • Discipline at work, willingness to dialogue, and openness to criticism.





Subjects focused on analyzing education’s philosophical, anthropological, and epistemological foundations.

School and society in a contemporary world

This subject introduces the doctoral student to the analysis of the most relevant problems that education endures on two axes: family-education-values ​​and the school and school management.

Current teaching methods and educational policies

Analysis of select national and international educational policies, centering on how they influence the emergence and consolidation of some educational models, both in the global and domestic contexts.

Subjects focused on learning theoretical and methodological elements for the design and construction of a research project.

Quantitative methods in educational researchThis course analyzes the various methods framed under the positivist paradigm, salient techniques for data collection, and instrument design within quantitative models, in addition to the specific procedures for the analysis of quantitative data.
Qualitative methods in educational research

In this subject, the theoretical-practical aspects of research are analyzed from a qualitative approach, the various methods framed under the interpretive paradigm, the main techniques of data collection and design of instruments within the qualitative models, as well as the procedures specific for data analysis.

Subjects are designed to contribute to the development of the thesis project and guarantee progress in the research project.

Research Project Design

The course is aimed at doctoral students designing and integrating a research protocol, which guides them in a rigorous study of an educational problem.

Theoretical foundation

The concepts worked in the Research Project Design course are reviewed and updated to link them with the program’s core, and the framework that supports research work -conceptual, theoretical, normative, historical, and contextual, among others.

Methodological model

In this subject, third in the axis of thesis preparation, the doctoral student proposes the methodological design to carry out the research work that she/he has proposed in the research project course design, with the accompaniment of the thesis supervisor.

Description and analysis of research results

In this subject, the last of the thesis preparation axis, the doctoral student works on the description, analysis, and interpretation of the information collected, because of the chosen research method application.

Subjects to delve into a specialized topic.
Educational Management
Educational administration

The purpose of this course is for the doctoral students to build knowledge that allows them to analyze and act in dynamic educational institutional contexts, developing skills in resource management processes and innovative administrative tasks.

Educational leadership

This subject is oriented to the analysis and understanding of educational leadership constructs related to how the governing body of an educational institution acts and focuses its intervention on the organization’s context.

Project management

This course takes an up-to-date approach to project management in a comprehensive way to increase the innovative capacity of educational organizations.

Institutional evaluation

The course focuses on proposal analysis and evaluation initiatives already implemented to de-construct and identifies their rationality and focus.

Education and values

Values ​​in the globalized society

This subject aims to deepen the analysis of current social trends and cultural traits.

Civic education and social exclusion

This course seeks to introduce doctoral students to key issues in facing social and educational exclusion so that they have the necessary skills to contribute to the consolidation of fair and active citizenship.

Intercultural education and migration

The purpose of this course is to critically analyze the negative and stereotyped vision toward immigrants as well as racism caused by fear about immigrants endangering cultural identity.

Pedagogy of otherness and moral education

his subject aims to delve into the study of relationships established between ethics and education, based on the pedagogy of otherness as a model of moral education inspired by Levinasian ethics.



Study of training processes in school contexts, as well as the analysis of the practices developed by academic institutions.

Analysis of the ethical and axiological aspects of the educational phenomenon in its different environments. Studies on the ethics of teachers, the shaping of values ​​in school and family contexts, and the development of moral reasoning in diverse types of populations.

It includes research projects oriented to the study of the management and administration of educational institutions of all types and levels.

Studies on the multiple relationships between education and society, the relationship between education and the labor market, and education as an activity aimed at the preservation, transmission, generation, and dissemination of culture.

 Proyectos estudiantiles

Erick Peterson
Estudiantes de Campus Ensenada

Erick Peterson
Estudiantes de Campus Ensenada

Erick Peterson
Estudiantes de Campus Ensenada

 Planta académica

Nuestros académicos se caracterizan por la formación continua, con el objetivo de dar al alumnado una experiencia de aprendizaje de primer nivel; además de ser de origen nacional e internacional.

Doctor en Educación

Dr. José Luis Bonilla Esquivel
Director del Colegio de Ciencias
Sociales y Humanidades, Sistema
CETYS Universidad.

Doctor en Ciencias Educativas

Dr. David Alejandro Ornelas Gutiérrez
Coordinador Académico del Doctorado
en Educación, Sistema
CETYS Universidad.

Doctor en Educación y Valores

Dr. Edgar Alonso Jiménez Soto
Coordinador de la Maestría y Doctorado
en Educación, Campus Mexicali.

Doctora en Ciencias Educativas

Dra. Melanie Montes Silva
Coordinadora de la Maestría y
Doctorado en Educación,
Campus Tijuana.

Doctora en Ciencias Educativas

Dra. Karla María Díaz López
Coordinadora de la Maestría y
Doctorado en Educación,
Campus Ensenada.

Admission: Class of 2022

CETYS University is convening graduates of master’s degree programs interested in pursuing a Doctoral degree in Education to actively participate in research, innovation, and contribution with new tools that improve educational processes in a global environment.

Key application dates and deadlines


From publication to May 10.


There is no set period of interviews; we will schedule them as soon as we receive the complete candidate application file.


Will be published on May 20.


July 18, 2022

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