Build lifelong links with the most important institution in Northwestern Mexico.

Industry and Organizations

Linkage and Industry Outreach

Develop actions and projects along with the talent of our students or gain access to our consulting and training programs, fitted to your organization’s needs.

Mexicali + -

José Luis Arroyo Pelayo
Tel. +52 (686) 567-3762

Tijuana + -

Salvador Chiu Tamayo
Tel. +52 (664) 903 1832

Ensenada + -

Socorro Lomelí Sánchez
Tel. + 52 (646) 222-2300 Ext. 135


Help educate our future professionals! Join our internship programs through a simple procedure. Competent, innovative minds can add value to your company while learning new skills.

Mexicali + -

Ma. Teresa Escárcega C.
Tel. +52 (686) 567-3700 Ext. 1739

Tijuana + -

Perla Guerrero Torres
Tel. +52 (664) 903 1866 Ext. 262

Ensenada + -

Socorro Lomelí Sánchez
Tel. +52 (646) 174-5095 Ext. 135

Business Incubator

Get consulting so that your competitive advantage has a more significant impact in the business world. Through a 16-step process, turn your idea into a business, or grow your already existing one. Our Business Incubator is recognized and accredited by the Mexican Ministry of Economy, and can help you achieve your goals.

Mexicali + -

Ulysses Moreno
+52 (686) 567-3700 Ext. 1820

Tijuana + -

Jaime Moncada
+52 (664) 625-3408 Ext. 365

Ensenada + -

Omar Camarena
+52 (646) 222-2300 Ext. 161

Business Cell

Turn employees into professionally trained specialists via our Graduate Programs and Undergraduate programs fit for working adults of over 24+ years old.

Tijuana + -

Oswaldo P. Sandoval
Tel. +52 (664) 903-1866 Ext. 312

Social Service

Our students act as agents of change in society, by participating and developing projects focused on the improvement and development of our community. Let’s work together for a better country!

Mexicali + -

Cecilia Contreras Trejo
Tel. +52 (686) 567-3700 Ext. 1738

Tijuana + -

Perla Guerrero Torres
Tel. +52 (664) 903-1800 Ext 262

Ensenada + -

Perla Josefina León Bañuelos
Tel. +52 (646) 222-2300 Ext. 105

Talent Search

Our alumni are all active and enrolled in the online employment database system, where you may log your organization’s job offerings and career options.

To register, contact:

Mexicali + -

Claudia Molina González
Tel. +52 (686) 567-3700 Ext. 1129

Tijuana + -

Mariana Güémez Carrillo
Tel. +52 (664) 903-1892

Ensenada + -

Alejandra Fernández Suárez
Tel. +52 (646) 222-2300 Ext. 150


Become part of this network in which we offer exclusive benefits to our alumni. As a company, you can communicate your services and improve your customer base.

Institutional Quality

CETYS meets the quality standards set by national and international accrediting bodies.

For more information you can contact us through our directory.

News and Events

Read our current news and achievements in our community!


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Campus: Mexicali

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Campus: Institucional

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Fecha: 2018-03-22

Campus: Ensenada

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Fecha: 2018-05-4

Campus: Tijuana

Copa Softbol Alumni 2018

Fecha: 2018-05-26

Campus: Institucional

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