If you have studies, or credit from other institutions whether national or international and wish to continue your studies at CETYS, you may earn credit via the following process for course equivalency, equivalency or credit.

Admission Process/ Credit and Course Equivalence / Managerial Programs

Course Equivalency

Course Equivalency

This is for studies at an Undergraduate level from institutions affiliated to the National Education System. Up to 50% of the entire academic plan can be approved for equivalency, corresponding to roughly 18 courses.


  • Transcript
  • Academic Plan and Syllabus for the courses proposed to submit for credit or equivalency
  • Partial Certificate of the preceding school

Equivalency and Credit

For students who have studied thus far in the U.S. and wish to continue their studies in Mexico


  • Birth Certificate
  • Original Transcript, with a translation in Spanish and Apostille
  • Syllabus, and description of the courses
  • The transcript has to be sealed and signed by the preceding school, notarized, and certified by the county court of the preceding school
  • If studies are from a country different than the U.S. the process may vary. Schedule an appointment with your institutional advisor to discuss further
Course Credit

Course Credit

For student who have or currently are enrolled at an undergraduate program at CETYS and wish to switch to an Adult Bachelor’s format.


  • Transcript
  • Partial Certificate
  • Academic Course plan
  • Cover Course Credit Fee of $4, 330.00 MXP (four thousand three hundred 00/100) for CETYS Alumni or students or $720 MXP (seven hundred and twenty 00/100) for other students.
*Valid amount for 2017

Back to School CETYS

If you are a former CETYS student, and didn’t conclude your undergraduate plan; your time is now! You may do your course equivalency and credit process and include ALL courses that correspond to the Adult Bachelor’s program.

Ask your institutional advisor for details


Leticia Torres Arteaga
+52 (686) 567-3700 Ext. 1248


Cinthya Lorena Torres Hernández
+52 (664) 903-1800 Ext. 239


Claudia Maria Caridad Medina León
+52 (646) 222-2300 Ext. 172

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Talleres Culturales 2018

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