Professionals in this field provide leadership for improving the quality of life of an aging population, delivering solutions in the areas of health, social care, public policy, human development, administration, education, and culture centered on the elderly.

Starts July 2018

Available in Mexicali, Tijuana and Ensenada

Academic Programs/ Graduate / Master in Social Gerontology

Learning Outcomes

  • Assume an ethical stance to guide the analysis, assessment, and research pertaining to the aging process
  • Perform multicausal analysis of the aging processes in order to propose actions leading to comprehensive and holistic care and attention of the elderly
  • Manage the care and attention of aging adults through a comprehensive approach that ensures improvements in their quality of life from the biological, psychological and social dimensions
  • Implement training programs for caregivers sensible to family and institutional contexts
  • Conduct research and produce actionable reports adhering to a scientific methodology
  • Perform evaluations of the aging process through the use of research instruments that ensure reliability and validity of data
  • Tend to the elderly and their families in a holistic manner, evaluating the effectiveness of the care provided and generating reports that inform decision making

General Requirements

Undergraduate degree in Psychology, Medicine or Nursing.
Bachelor degree from related areas of health or social sciences, contingent to demonstrated experience in eldercare.

Master in Social Gerontology


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The program seeks to provide quality of life of the aging adult through a social conceptualization of elderly care






Areas of training (Basic and Specialized)


Introduction to Social Gerontology
Bioethics and the legal framework governing the care of older adults
Applied research


Biopsychosocial processes of aging
Aging disorders
Social policies for the elderly


Mourning for the elderly and their families
Training for eldercare providers
Adaptation of environments for older adults


Gerontological management services
Gerontologist training
Comprehensive eldercare

RVOE SEBS, febrero 2017: No.BC-M008-M1/17, No.BC-M009-M2/17, No.BC-M007-M3/17


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