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International campus

Faculty Mobility

We welcome recognized professors from foreign universities to teach a class at the graduate or undergraduate programs. Faculty from CETYS University also participates when invited by foreign universities. Typically, professors have a three week stay, and the course is offered as an intensive program during a vacation period.

Language stays programs

CETYS students can spend 3-8 weeks during the summer/winter vacations on one of the best language schools in Canadá, United States, Australia, Malta, England, South Africa to study English and French. They live the experience to have native instructors and share classes with students from around the world.

Summer or Winter Program, abroad

This is the opportunity for CETYS students to enroll in a credit-bearing course abroad. Students will spend three weeks at a partner university around the world and engage in lecture series or classes with highly evaluated instructors. The program includes visits to companies/ industries and cultural activities to complement the experience.  

  1. Chile –Universidad Mayor (Derecho Internacional/Métodos cualitativos de Investigación)
  2. Austria- Johannes Kepler University (Mercadotecnia Internacional)
  3. Corea- Hanyang university (Comportamiento Transcultural)

Spanish Immersion Program

At CETYS University we are well aware of global demographic changes and conscious of the increasing necessity of learning Spanish, one of the richest languages in the world. We want you to discover this by yourself. If you are a college student or faculty member who is interested in learning Spanish, CETYS University, Ensenada Campus has the course for you. We invite you to our Intensive Summer Program, two weeks of learning and immersing into an adventure of culture, knowledge and beautiful surroundings through our Spanish Immersion Activities, where you will learn the basics on how to read, write and communicate in Spanish. At the same time we offer you the opportunity to explore our Hispanic culture and traditions.

International Summer Program

The International Summer Program at CETYS University is an all English program designed for students interested in learning about Mexico’s opportunities for entrepreneurial activity, its business and negotiation culture, as well as North America’s standing in global markets. This three week long program includes an interesting blend of dynamic presentations about the future of the multinational enterprise, touristic and cultural activities, insightful visits to Mexican and international companies doing business in Mexico’s northwest region, as well as interaction with Mexican families and students.

Study trip abroad

Students have the opportunity to travel during a period of 2-3 weeks within the context of a complete academic and cultural program. Academic activities included are topic- relevant lectures and conference, as well as industry and company visit. During the study trip, students visit cultural and traditional places and 3-5 cities in the host country. Students can be part of this experience typically built around the summer break (China) in July, or over the winter recess (India), in early January.

Faculty Led  Program

The Faculty-led Program is specially designed to promote cooperation between CETYS University and its partner universities.
In this program, faculty members and students can come together during CETYS´ Summer Program.
Faculty members can deliver a course of their interest to both their home university students and other international students participating in the Summer Program.
Call for Faculty and Eligibility:

  • Over 5 years teaching experience
  • Master Degree or higher
  • Currently teaching full time or as an Associate Professor at an institution of higher education
  • Available for up to one month during summer program
  • Able to accompany a minimum of 5 students
  • Overseas teaching experience preferred


  • Paid Participation
  • Round-trip Airfare
  • Accommodation
  • Visits to Business and Industry
  • Free Cultural Activities

Student Mobility

Academic exchange programs grant students the opportunity of combining new found knowledge, practical experience, and cultural sensibility in an international dimension by studying for a semester at a foreign university in the United States, Canada, Chile, France, Italy, Holland, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Finland, Sweden, Austria, Korea, Taiwan, and Japan.

Double degree program

The academic agreement between CETYS University and City University of Seattle, allows CETYS students to obtain an undergraduate degree from CETYS and an undergraduate degree from City University. The Double Degree Is a program where they study nine subjects from City University; CETYS University will then credit the equivalent subjects in its syllabus. City University courses are provided totally in English with faculty of such university. The student attends the first summer to City University in Seattle to study his/her first two subjects; the rest of the subjects are studied at CETYS with City faculty. On their second summer course, the students can study their course on any of the venues of City University (Prague, Greece, China).